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Irie Décor Auto and Cleaning Services LLC

My name is Garfield Smith, owner of Irie Décor Auto and cleaning services LLC. I am from the Caribbean island, Jamaica. This type of business I had in Jamaica for 15 years, under another name. I close this business and migrated here to Texas, USA. I want to offer my talented service to the great people of Texas. I admire this multicultural state and long to be of service to this great community. Most of my life has been about business and though I work in the medical field, I have this longing interest to get back to what I love and do best.

  • Upholstering
  • Car Cleaning & Auto Machanic
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Chair Cleaning
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Commercial Disinfection Services


Unveil the transformative power of upholstery, where furniture becomes a canvas of creativity and co...

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Car Cleaning & Auto Mechanic

Your vehicle is more than just transportation; it's a symbol of freedom and adventure. To ensure you...

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Chair Cleaning

Introducing a harmonious blend of rejuvenation and transformation for your cherished chairs. Our Cha...

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